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openswan 2.3.1 is now available - Call for Help

Hi all,

[Please CC me in replies, I am currently not subscribed to this list.]

Since yesterday, openswan upstream 2.3.1 is on the download servers, and it 
should supposedly fix the problems of 2.3.0 (specifically that it caused all 
other openswan daemons, be it 2.2.0 or 2.3.0, to crash in some cases) that 
prevented me from pushing that version into testing (and subsequently led to 
the removal of openswan from testing). I am currently working hard on 
updating the package to 2.3.1 (which unfortunately again changed the source 
tree layout, sigh) and will then go through the bug reports and check if 
2.3.1 fixes them. 
Since we are very late in the sarge release process, I know well that it is an 
extremely bad time for updating to new upstream versions. Nonetheless, I 
really think that openswan (a working version....) should be part of the new 
stable and am now trying to get this back into testing. 

I will probably need some help with this to do it in the next few days. 
Anybody who is using freeswan or openswan right now and is interested in 
having it in testing (and unstable, in fact), please help. I could definitely 
use help in testing, but anybody who wants to work on packaging itself is of 
course also welcome (e.g. on the minor bugs like debconf translations).

If I am completely wrong in trying this now, at the current stage of the 
release cycle, then please tell me now and I'll use my weekend for something 
else and only work on getting this into unstable during next week....

with best regards,

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