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Re: Is there a serious NPTL problem with sarge?

[W. Borgert]
> - Is it relevant, whether Python is compiled on a system with 2.6
>   or 2.4 kernel?  If so, how can I find out on which kernel the
>   Debian package has been built?

Might or might not be relevant - depends on whether the python build
scripts attempt to detect the kernel capabilities at compile time.
(Which is a broken thing to do, but I can see why people occasionally
feel it's a necessary workaround for other problems.)  The glibc in
unstable / testing certainly can handle compiling programs for NPTL, no
matter what kernel you're running.

If python itself doesn't store config info about the details of the
system it was compiled on, you probably can't get that info at all.
Packages are built by maintainers on their own systems, or on Debian
systems, or autobuilt by the autobuilder network.  These machines could
be running any kernel.

>   Martin von Loewis wrote: "The real problem is that, apparently,
>   linuxthreads and NPTL are not binary-compatible.

I just read that thread - the issue he's referring to only affects your
apps if they're compiled against a different version of glibc than your
libraries.  Which won't be the case here.

> - Is the Debian stock 2.4 kernel patched to be compatible with
>   NPTL?  If not, isn't there a problem for some multi-threaded
>   applications to switch between 2.4 and 2.6?

No, it's not.  Multithreaded apps that want to support kernel 2.4 must
be prepared to accept the quirks of the old linuxthreads system.


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