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Is there a serious NPTL problem with sarge?


a colleague observed crashes in some heavily multi-threaded Python
applications.  He is running Debian sarge with stock kernel
2.6.8-2-686.  Using LD_ASSUME_KERNEL "fixes" the crash, so it seems
to be an NPTL issue.  (Maybe stupid) questions:

- Is it relevant, whether Python is compiled on a system with 2.6
  or 2.4 kernel?  If so, how can I find out on which kernel the
  Debian package has been built?

  Martin von Loewis wrote: "The real problem is that, apparently,
  linuxthreads and NPTL are not binary-compatible. So in fact, an
  installation with NPTL should be considered as a different
  operating system, and you cannot expect to move binaries from
  one operating system to another. Instead, you have to recompile
  the binaries."

- Is the Debian stock 2.4 kernel patched to be compatible with
  NPTL?  If not, isn't there a problem for some multi-threaded
  applications to switch between 2.4 and 2.6?  (Note: AFAIK, RH,
  Mdk, and SuSE use some patch, at least Fedora seems to have
  "nptl" in the 2.4 kernel version number.)

Thanks in advance for any clarification.

Cheers, WB

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