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Re: init.d script dependencies for etch?

[taking to devel, per your suggestion]

also sprach Lars Wirzenius <liw@iki.fi> [2005.04.01.1546 +0200]:
> I would like to work on making this happen for etch. I don't have
> an implementation yet, let alone a plan for how to do it, and
> I won't start work until after sarge is released, so this is just
> a heads-up for the release team.

Excellent. Please keep me in the loop. You also surely want to be
talking to hmh and miquels!

Anyway, I am glad you are actively starting on this. I am going to
actively work on policy-rc.d once sarge is out.

> Anyone who wants to tell me this is a really bad idea, or has
> suggestions on the implementation,

I think we need to establish a header format policy, and I suggest
something similar to debian/control, e.g.

  #!/bin/sh -e
  # init.d script for sshd
  #% Depends: network, iptables

  if "$1" ...

Then, using all the depends lines, you can make a call to
a topographical sort implemenmtation at startup (should be quick
enough as there are <100 init.d scripts) and parallelise the
startups. Pretty standard CS stuff...

I would prefer this over e.g. starting all init.d scripts at once
and letting each call its dependencies. This would be very hard to
implement efficiently.

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