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Re: Bug#250202: Standardizing make target for 'patch' and 'upstream-source'

On Wed, 2005-03-30 at 11:37 +0200, David Schmitt wrote:

> To prepare the sourcecode for inspection and/or minor modifications an 
> additional argument for debian/rules would fit well into the current model. 
> Calling "debian/rules prepare" should leave the tree in a state where the 
> source is unpacked, all patches are applied and any change to the tree would 
> affect the final binaries.
> This target should execute without any Build-Depends installed. Though - as a 
> intermediate step - it would be appropriate to error out with a appropriate 
> message explaining the needed packages and steps to manually prepare the 
> source.
I was initially thinking along these lines myself
<http://www.dpkg.org/NewSourceFormat>, however I'm now starting to lean
towards not allowing arbitrary shell to just open up a source package;
it doesn't "feel" safe enough.

I also don't want to break "cd source-version" as the definitive way to
get to the source afterwards, and am not currently sure how to do that
with packages containing multiple tarballs.

There's also the issue of how do you clean or put a source package back
together, when it's got the patches all applied -- how do you know which
patch any modifications should go into?

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