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Re: intend-to-implement: script to obtain Debian Source

* Lars Wirzenius 

| su, 2005-03-27 kello 09:01 +0200, George Danchev kirjoitti:
| > I second suggestion given at #250202 and like to see "unpacked"
| > and "patched" targets to hit Policy 4.8.
| I hear that Adam Heath (doogie for those on IRC) has been working on a
| new source package format that will make tarball-within-tarball sources
| obsolete and has native support for multiple patches and cures for other
| ailments. If this works, and I suspect it will, then "unpack" and
| "patch" targets will also be obsolete. Personally, I think this will be
| a good thing.

TTBOMK, he hasn't discussed this with the dpkg maintainer, nor has he
made his code public.

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