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Re: Add a project to debian

On Wed, Mar 30, 2005 at 02:18:28PM +0000, Alex Papadopoulos wrote:
> After having read the documentations I understood that I needed to apply as 
> a new maintainer (with the appropriate identification process, needing an 
> "advocate" Debian developper) and then find a sponsor that would accept 
> upload the packages for me.

You don't necessarily have to apply as a new maintainer.

> If these two steps are performed correctly, this means that my package will 
> be available on the debian repositories (on unstable, until it is 
> considered stable enough to "apply" for testing) ?

Yes.  Once your sponsor uploads your package (after it has been checked
over), your package will initially appear in the unstable archive.

> If this is so, what is approximatively the time between the upload of my 
> package by a sponsor and the actual "distribution" of my package through 
> debian repositories ?

On first upload, a package must await some manual processing by the
ftpmasters.  There has been a bit of a backlog built up in this area, but at
current observations packages are flowing through at a decent rate, so I
wouldn't expect your package to sit in the NEW queue for more than a couple
of weeks.  After that, subsequent uploads of your package should appear on
all mirrors in less than a day, although buildd queues might cause this to
be delayed a little for some architectures.

This is all a bit confusing; there has been a diagram of the way a package
floats around posted here recently, do a search for debian package diagram
or similar on google.

Also, you might be interested in joining the debian-mentors mailing list,
where basic packaging and development questions are more usually asked.

- Matt

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