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Re: How to detect which user is connected to $DISPLAY

Am 2005-03-27 14:23:16, schrieb Sean Perry:

> Something akin to d-bus is one solution. You asked earlier how this 
> works. The idea is that either the XDM (or workalike) or the user's 
> .xinitrc or perhaps even the window manager / session manager would 
> start a program which would announce their presence to the system. Not 
> unlike how IM clients work and with a similar purpose. A program can 
> then query ans ask "who has open X sessions?", "who is on display 
> $FOO?", etc.

I use $USER independant /etc/X11/xsession.d/ which works fine for
"xdm" and "wdm" but is there something similar for "kdm" and "gdm" ?

The Enterprise for which I develop the Tools are using wdm + fvwm
and there is no problem at all.  But I am dubious if they use KDE
or GNOME it may not more work.

Maybe I shoult avoid the use of gdm/kdm (if possibel, because I do
not use and know it).

> Reading the w or who output is pretty simple and most people will be 
> moving up to sarge soon, I do not know too many people really using 
> Woody any more.

Not privatly but in enterprises...
I run some Backports and it works fine.

With SARGE we had problems to install it in a minimum.


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