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Re: How to detect which user is connected to $DISPLAY

Am 2005-03-27 07:31:09, schrieb sean finney:

> get_desktop_owner () 
> { 
> 	owner_display=$1;
> 	w | awk '{print $1" "$2}' | grep "$owner_display$" | awk '{print $1}'
> }
> example:
> copelandia[~]07:29:50$ get_desktop_owner :0
> seanius
> i invite someone to invent a better way, i'd like to hear it :)

It works in SARGE and SID but not under WOODY because I get only

user    /dev/pts/1      <time>

without $DISPLAY. The test I must use, should work under WOODY too.

I have an documentation Serve at home, where I have installed ALL
manpages which exist in Debian...

greped all and found not the right thing.
A little bit frustrating.

> 	sean


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