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Re: Standard description file about maintainer groups

Eduard Bloch wrote:
So I suggest to set a kind of soft policy:

every package maintained by a group should keep a file (with a common
filename) in the Debian diff, which tells all neccessary things:

 - who are members of that group
 - which person from this group is responsible for exactly this package
 - homepage, project page (alioth/Sourceforge/Berlios/...)
 - where is the repository and how can you get it, not too much, but
   enough information for average skilled maintainer to get it running

I suggest debian/README.Debian.Maintainers as the filename.

seems logical. Do we really need the 'README.' part? Does this need to be installed in /usr/share/doc or will this only be found in the source. Personally, I see no reason to put it in the deb.

Another choice would be in the source section of the control file.

Source: mysource
Section: blah
Priority: extra
Maintainer: Bob <bob@debian.org>
Maintainers: Bob <bob@debian.org>, George <george@debian.org>
Project-Home: http://alioth.debian.org/mysource
Build-Depends: whatever
Standards-Version: 3.6.1

Obviously, this is more invasive but if it is truly as widestread then perhaps the project tools should catch up.

I left the Maintainer in place to allow for some backwards compatibility. This could be the 'captain' of the project.

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