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Standard description file about maintainer groups

Hello fellow maintainers,

with organisation in groups becoming more and more popular, IMO it is now
time to find some convention for declaring the group members and
guidelines inside of the Debian source package.

Some people call that file MAINTAINERS, some README.svn or similar, and
some do not do this at all, so someone needs to ask somebody or get a
crystal ball to learn about the repository of the maintainers. And the
first way is annoying and your mail with stupid question may be posted
on their development mailing list, which is not always the best thing.

So I suggest to set a kind of soft policy:

every package maintained by a group should keep a file (with a common
filename) in the Debian diff, which tells all neccessary things:

 - who are members of that group
 - which person from this group is responsible for exactly this package
 - homepage, project page (alioth/Sourceforge/Berlios/...)
 - where is the repository and how can you get it, not too much, but
   enough information for average skilled maintainer to get it running

I suggest debian/README.Debian.Maintainers as the filename.

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