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Re: aptitude & apt 0.6

On Sunday 27 March 2005 04:00 am, Norbert Tretkowski wrote:
> * Daniel Burrows wrote:
> > I just uploaded aptitude to Incoming. Most of the changes
> > in this version are translation updates, but I also included a
> > backport of the apt-secure enhancements that were previously only
> > available in experimental (including, as a
> > special-freebie-never-before-seen-bonus, trust checking at the
> > command-line).
> Thanks a lot!
> But it seems you forgot to mention this in the changelog.

  aptitude has three "changelogs".

  - The Debian changelog tracks changes to the Debian packaging and closes 
Debian-related bugs.
  - The NEWS file is the canonical list of major changes between versions 
(also what you get when you pick "Changelog" from the Help menu, unless 
you're using the experimental version in which case the program crashes)
  - The Changelog file is a list of every little modification to every source 
file in the package.

  So, it all makes sense.  Somewhere. :)


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