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aptitude & apt 0.6

     We interrupt your regularly scheduled flamewar to bring you this 
hemi-important announcement.

  I just uploaded aptitude to Incoming.  Most of the changes in this 
version are translation updates, but I also included a backport of the 
apt-secure enhancements that were previously only available in experimental 
(including, as a special-freebie-never-before-seen-bonus, trust checking at 
the command-line).   Since unstable's apt doesn't support these features, 
they are not compiled into the package by default, but they will be enabled 
if you recompile the source package on a system with a newer libapt-pkg-dev 
installed.  As a convenience, I have uploaded packages for i386, compiled 
against the current experimental apt, to http://people.debian.org/~dburrows.

  I'm doing this for two reasons:

   (a) There is an ongoing effort to get apt 0.6 into sarge.  While it seems 
to be a long shot, I can now say with some confidence that simply recompiling 
aptitude will be enough to manage that transition.  (aptitude could be "just 
recompiled" in the past, but it didn't support the security features of 0.6, 
making the whole exercise kinda pointless)

   (a) Assuming, as seems likely, that apt 0.6 doesn't make it into sarge, I 
want it to be easy for security-conscious users to get a reasonably stable 
aptitude that supports apt-secure stuff (I doubt they want to be running 
experimental branches and so forth).

  If you find problems with the apt-secure stuff -- there are open questions 
regarding corner cases in the trust handling, for instance -- please report 
them via the BTS so they don't get lost when I get eaten by my thesis again.  

      Transmission ends.  Go back to making the world a better place by 
tearing each other to pieces.  Or something.


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