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Re: NEW-queue handling after extending group of ftp-master

On 10237 March 1977, Bartosz Fenski aka fEnIo wrote:

> Usually NEW-queue was handled by the date of first upload of some package.
> After tracking of debian-bugs and/or debian-wnpp mailing lists last days
> I can say it's not true anymore.

> So could someone explain what are the criterions now?

There are criterions for the order?
Well, ok. Lets define some:
- How much money did you sent to one ftpmaster/assistant?
- How much do you intent to send?
- Are you a girl?
- Alcohol level?
- Random picking.

Actually there are none, as the queue should be (soon) small enough to
not need any. So we havent bothered too look for rules, just started.
The reason for the "random" order is just me, approving old and new
uploads - to get the queue smaller and not let newer uploads rot in the
queue as long as some old stuff.

Looking at the queue noone needs to worry about that, so please do
something more useful like RC bug fixing. :)

bye Joerg (NO hat on)
Unstable means "subject to rapid change" rather than "full of bugs",
though sometimes it is both :-).

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