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Re: Bits (Nybbles?) from the Vancouver release team meeting

Op di, 15-03-2005 te 17:16 +0000, schreef Henning Makholm:
> Scripsit Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org>
> > * Henning Makholm (henning@makholm.net) [050315 12:45]:
> >> Scripsit Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org>
> >> Is there an underlying reason why the wanna-build management for all
> >> architectures needs to happen on ftp-master?
> > For any architecture that builds directly from accepted, having
> > wanna-build on ftp-master has some improvements.
> Could a wanna-build running elsewhere get the necessary information by
> subscribing to debian-devel-changes? (Sorry, but I'm not entirely
> clear on when mail to d-d-c gets sent out).

Theoretically, all you need to run wanna-build is a Packages file for
your architecture, and a Sources file. You can find those on any mirror.

In practice, the fact that wanna-build runs on ftp-master means it gets
updated right after the Debian Installer (the one that sends you the
ACCEPTED or REJECTED mails, not the other one that'll be used for Sarge)
runs. This is great, because it means the wanna-build database is
updated every fifteen minutes, and ASAP. It doesn't get any faster than

Moving wanna-build to a mirror will mean that new source packages have
to be in the archive for at least one mirror pulse before they get
built. The m68k port has been working like that for a very long time
(Since wanna-build's inception until a few months before the woody
release), and that was the main reason (probably the only one) why it
couldn't keep up as well as the other architectures before that time.

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