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Re: The sarge release disaster - some thoughts

Martin Zobel-Helas wrote:
> Also i hoped the release team and the ftp-masters would have worked on
> the current release instead of planing for the next on. Having all these
> people together sitting in one room working on the current release would
> have been much more prodcutive.
> Perhaps they did. But they didn't told us. Also some lack of
> communication.

More like a lack of reading comprehansion. Quoting the very top of
Steve's annoucement:

| First, the news for sarge.  As mentioned in the last release team
| update[1], deploying the testing-security queues has been held up
| pending some infrastructure enhancements, without which
| ftp-master.debian.org cannot handle the load of the added wanna-build
| queues for testing-security.  This week, Andreas Barth and Ryan Murray
| have been applying the finishing touches to allow the needed upgrade of
| ftp-master.debian.org's openssh to a version that supports connection
| caching, which is needed before the current ftp-master host will scale
| to handle the addition of testing-security queues.  Once this happens,
| the testing-security configuration should itself be completed for all
| architectures in quick succession, with the result that testing-security
| and testing-proposed-updates will be fully operational in the space of
| two weeks.

see shy jo

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