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Re: .d.o machines which are down (Re: Questions for the DPL candidates)

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Martin Michlmayr - Debian Project Leader <leader@debian.org> wrote:

Hi Martin,

Thanks for following up.

>> BTW, couldn't we get our acts together and buy new disks for all those
>> poor machines which disks are dead ?
> If there is demonstrated need to get those machines going again, I'm
> more than happy to authorize Debian funds to be used for this.

The problem isn't there, it's that we're not used to spending Debian
funds when we need to. This has already been discussed a couple of
weeks ago :)

We shouldn't rely on sponsors when it comes to small things like one
or two disks for a buildd or another machine. That, we can pay for,

>> That would resurrect quite a few machines, including an alpha buildd
>> (escher).
> I'm CCing Thimo Neubauer who is in charge for escher.  What I said
> above applies to escher as well.  Thimo, can you let us know what the
> status is and whether it would be good to have escher back?  BTW, Noah
> Meyerhans at MIT has two fairly large Alpha machines he can bring up,
> but so far we've been told they are not needed.

It'd be nice either way. In the latter case, escher could be made
available as a porting machine, as we're lacking one for alpha anyway.


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