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Re: Another load of typos


> > To verify that what I think to be incorrect really is, here is the list
> > of "words" I've found to be used with "a" but which I think should be
> > used with "an":
> > 
> > FAQ
> Would you mind giving a reference to a manual of style or something
> about these? I always only use "an" before an acronym if the expansion
> of the acronym would need an "an" in front. "An FAQ" sounds wrong to my
> ears.

Indeed, it doesn't seem to be as undisputable as I thought. Though most
of what this google search turns up seems to be in agreement with my
assumptions, your rule can be found, too:


The rule I am following is that "a" vs. "an" is decided by pronounciation
only - i.e., it's "an eff ey kju", but "a FAT file system". After all,
that's how the exact letters are most easily read (without expanding
acronyms or such).

Cya, Florian

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