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Re: Release sarge now, or discuss etch issues? (was: Bits (Nybbles?) from the Vancouver release team meeting)

Frank Küster wrote:
> I do not understand why the Nybbles team mixed their good news about
> sarge with their foreseeably controversial plans or proposal for etch.
> I fear that we will have a huge, long flamewar.  And many competent,
> active people will start coding implementations of alternatives to the
> Nybbles plan, alternatives that will allow us to make releases also of
> the SCC/tier-2 arches.
> I think all this discussion about etch should be delayed until sarge is
> out.  Of course we would need a statement from the Nybbles team that
> they do not intend to make decicions, and not to settle facts before a
> thorough discussion has taken place - after the release.

The fact that the release team now sees the light at the end of the
tunnel for the release of sarge means that now is the time we need to
begin planning for etch. Allowing unstable development to pick back up
after a release with no clear plan for the next release has been shown
time and time again to delay the next release by one to two *years*.
The rest follows from that.

see shy jo

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