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Re: Bits (Nybbles?) from the Vancouver release team meeting

On Sun, Mar 13, 2005 at 08:45:09PM -0800, Steve Langasek wrote:
> - the Debian System Administrators (DSA) must be willing to support
>   debian.org machine(s) of that architecture
> - the Release Team can veto the architecture's inclusion if they have
>   overwhelming concerns regarding the architecture's impact on the
>   release quality or the release cycle length

i find these two rather disturbing, as they don't really say under which
circumstances these decisions should eb made. so i would really like to
hear under which circumstances the DSA people are willing to add a
machine, and what an overwhelming concern on the side of the release
team would be. especially whether "we already have enough architectures"
and "we don't think it's important enough even though it satisfies the
other criteria" are "overwhelming concerns"

cu  robert

Robert Lemmen                               http://www.semistable.com 

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