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Re: Bits (Nybbles?) from the Vancouver release team meeting

David Schmitt wrote:

> I cannot remember[0] a question to the candidates regarding 
> architecture-dropping. The only question pertaining the release[1], was only 
> answered by Matthew Garret, saying that "it would be helpful if (in future) 
> the release team would communicate their list of release criteria well in 
> advance of their estimated time of release." Which obviously happened now.
> Please point me to the posts, so I can add it to my page[2]

I believe Sven was referring to the Linux Weekly News interview with the
DPL candidates.  It can be found here:


although LWN non-subscribers (I believe DD's have a free subscription)
may not be able to view it until Thursday, March 17.

In that interview, there is indeed a question about potentially dropping
architectures.  Someone braver than I am can cut-and-paste the relevant
text to debian-devel :-)


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