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Re: mplayer 1.0pre6a-4 for i386 and PowerPC and sparc

On Mon, Mar 14, 2005 at 10:40:55AM +0100, A Mennucc wrote:
> you may find  source, i386 and powerpc and sparc binaries
> of mplayer  1.0pre6a-4  in your friendly repository
> http://tonelli.sns.it/pub/mplayer/sarge
> with special thanks to  David Moreno Garza  for the sparc binary
> and Simon McVittie for powerpc

BTW, what is the current status of inclusion of this in debian ? It seems that
even ubuntu now carries a mplayer binary, so there is really no reason at all
for not having one in debian. Especially as many of those who opposed mplayer
back then are now working for ubuntu.


Sven Luther

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