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Brain Trauma - Flatline EP ONSALE NOW! / Kasket Records News

	The time that we have all waited for is here everyone. The debut EP from
Brain Trauma is now officially onsale! If you have pre-orderd the cd
allready, myself and Toxik Flow have allready autographed your copy and
shipped it out. As for you folks who didnt pre-order, you can still pick up
your copy of it right now at www.kasketrecords.com!

	Were going going, back back, to Cleveland Cleveland... Yes thats right, we
will be making our 3rd trip out to Cleveland OH to perform at the wonderful
Peabody's Downunder. Who are we playing with this time? Well, none other
than Tech N9ne and PDM!!! We will be up in that shit on April 2nd, so if
your from the Cleveland area, or hell just live in Ohio, swing by and check
that shit out.

	Artist sites. Yes, soon the official Brain Trauma, Burna, and PKB websites
will be up and running. Each site will have its own feel to it, and have
its own theme. Also, each site will have its own little bit of flavor from
each artist. So be on the look out for those sites too.

	Also, I would like to note that I myself (Kasket Kyle) am working on a new
mix tape. Well, its not really a mix tape, this is going to be called a
Freebase Tape. "What the fuck is a freebase tape?" you might ask. Well, a
freebase tape is something Ive came up with, that is similar to a mix tape,
BUT it contains no actual songs. It is going to be a 100% completely free
download right from kasketrecords.com and will feature atleast 30 tracks of
nothing but pure lryicism. no hooks. no bullshit. just 100% hiphop for that
ass. If you are an up and coming artist, hell even an established artist
who wouldnt mind grabbing a few new fans, reply to this e-mail with the
subject "FREEBASE" and I'll get you all of the details on this shit.

	To end this update I would like to give a quick review of our last show
that we did in St Albans WV at The Brickhouse. That shit was off the fuckin
meat rack! We had well over the amount of cats that we expected. MURDER
FEST 2005 was easily our most succesfull show to date. The show line up was
great, opening up was local band The Bloody Panties, then local metal band
Dyvex, followed up quickly by Cleveland horrorcore group Psych Ward,
followed by Bag Of Hammers: Extream (feat Dizman of Dead By 28), then it
was local metal band MoHrG (always a crowd pleaser). When it came time for
the Brain Trauma set, I was hyped as fuck... we had much more people in the
building than we had ever played in front of, and they were all hyped about
the show. We did our set, and then out of nowhere Davey from Bag Of Hammers
comes running from out of behind the mixing board and starts a moshpit
right in front of us. After that it was total chaos for a few minutes until
towards the last song. In the last song, I noticed something had started to
happen to the crowd. There was a big ass moshpit going on, but all along
the outside of the pit, motherfuckers were dancing like they were up in the
club with 50 cent or some shit. The shit was 100% beautiful and almost made
a nice hot tear roll down this fat hillbilly's cheek. Anyways, we ended our
set apropriatley with the moshpit remix of the title track FLATLINE, and
our boy and label mate Burna hit the stage for the first time of his life,
he straight up dug the hell out of that shit I can tell. When we got off
the stage, Burna said he wanted to get back on stage and do it some more
haha. Anyways the show was wrapped up, we cleaned up our shit and bounced
out, and later I enjoyed a nice reefer chat with Bag Of Hammers.


	Allright well that's everything for this update, peace the fuck out, and
be sure to visit www.kasketrecords.com and sign up for the goddam forum!

-Kasket Kyle


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