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Cron-standard package to replace current tasks in 'cron'

Hi there,

A while back I did a little bit of hacking and put together a package 
with "standard" cron tasks. These tasks includes:

- backup stuff the cron package currently backups
- some other simple backups (the 'backup-simple' program and
manpage are included)
- common cron-related packages that most system administrators will like to
have in a stock Debian system (through dependancies). This includes:
	- Basic system accounting (implement in sysstat)
	- Basic logfile reporting (implemented through logcheck)
	- Basic security checks (implemented through checksecurity and Tiger)
	- Integrity file monitoring (through tripwire, aide, integrit or samhain)
	- Check if the system is up-to-date (using cron-apt or apt-watch, 
          this requires an Internet connection)

Packages are available at http://people.debian.org/~jfs/cron-standard/

I'm currently considering a post-sarge change that would imply moving the 
cron tasks in the cron package to this cron-standard package and have 
'cron' Depend (if this package is uploaded a >optional priority) 
or Recommend this.

I'm looking at comments on what additional tasks do you think that should
be included in such a package and wether or not this kind of package is 
needed. The package could later on be enhanced by providing:

- Basic database backups (for both MySQL and PostgreSQL if they are 
Following mechanisms similar to those described at
- Basic process and service monitoring (dead processes, zombies...)
Like in http://shelldorado.com/scripts/cmds/checkps.txt
(which uses http://shelldorado.com/scripts/cmds/psold.txt)
- Basic filesystem analysis (checksecurity implements this but it should
  probably be moved here)
Like in: http://shelldorado.com/scripts/cmds/checkfs.txt
- System's user accounting (maybe using sac?)
- Review user's usage of the system
Like in http://shelldorado.com/scripts/cmds/dusage.txt

At least, based on the discussion at #257393, it would be best if the cron
tasks were separated from the main program itself. But then again, this
might be over-engineering.

Comments welcome.



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