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Descripack, I would prefer another name (Debscripack ? Debscription ?)

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Last summer, the LSM2004 took place in Bordeaux, organized by ABUL.
The president of the ABUL, Pierre Jarillon asked me to contact debian
about a documentation project.
Well, why me ? because I'm using debian a lot :-P
Pierre Jarillon and I have already spoken of this project with some DD.
It would be great to see if this project interests debian and if it is
integrated in the distrib.

Let me explain further :
The project consists on having documentation and translated
documentation for all free software (or most part).
This documentation would present the software (with a short and a long
description, like in debian).
I know that DDTP exists and that it is near that (for package
description). But the project (named Descripack), has the avantage of
beeing distrib independant.
Another advantage, is that the project would be based on a DB and with
a frontend to update it like wiki-engines.
So it would be easy for people to modify description of package,
translate it and other things.
P. Jarillon insists on the fact that the description must be
lambda-user adapted (not developper).
But IMHO, it's already the fact for most package...
But it's true that when I imagine a simple user who wants to listen to
his mp3 files, he search for "mp3 and player".
The list of result is very impressive, and it's difficult for him to
choice which of package he has better to install.
Lots of possibilities can be imagined for helping him / teach him how
to choose a package.
One of these possibility is, for sure, an adapted documentation
(adapted to his language).

One can imagine a way of getting translation/description and co. from
the descripack database directly by apt or other possibilities (but I
don't know really how to include this in apt... It seems difficult..).
If you have some idea about it, and if you are interested in this
project, don't be affraid of sending ideas, or why not injuries :-P.

Mandrake seems to be interested by the project, and it could be a way
of normalizing package description.

And of course a way of showing that distribution can walk in the same
(good) way (the way of Debian of course :P).
With that, all the distrib could have the same description of package,
which is an important point I think (but not fundamental).
Others informations are available on
The description are from mdk and PLF.

Well I hope that I won't be virtualy killed after this mail (for the
english or for the content) :-)

- --

Martin Braure de Calignon
"Debian addict, active member of Amaya (Amayita)'s fan club (and fan
of her tatoo)"
"! Debian-women as DPL !"
"I now live in a banana republic :-/ "
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