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Re: Not every package should enter Debian

On Wednesday 09 March 2005 06.39, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:

> There is another problem with NEW: The US laws.
> Untill a package has been processed through NEW and a mail send to
> some goverment agency Debian runs risk of violating the crypto export
> laws.

I've already proposed this:  if silly laws in one country cause problems, 
let's move the infrastructure to a different country.

The crypto export problem would then become the problem of individual 
developers (and well, if you want to live in a country with such laws, it's 
really your problem.  No reason for it to become a problem for the whole 
project).  And with the infrastructure currently in place, it certainly is 
no problem to offer a separate upload queue for US-resident crypto package 

(I'm *not* saying we should move infrastructure right away.  I just think 
that in the debate about NEW processing, this aspect can safely be ignored 
as it's imho not hard to work around.)

Anyway, as has been pointed out, this has recently been discussed in depth 
already - I think I know which thread, I dropped early out of it.  So 
please let this one here die.

-- vbi

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