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Re: usbmount: udev script to automatically (un)mount USB mass storage devices: include in Debian?

Le Mardi 8 Mars 2005 16:15, martin f krafft a écrit :
> also sprach Steve Greenland <steveg@moregruel.net> [2005.03.08.1423 
> > While not perfect, using autofs with a very short timeout (5
> > seconds, say) alleviates this problem.
> No it does not. You would be surprised how many people copy to and
> remove the stick the same second that cp returns to the shell.
> Point being: there is no reliable unmounting of USB storage devices
> short of user sensibilisation.

mount -o sync ... is then a solution, especially if you only put small 
things, and that the performance loss is not too painfull.
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