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Re: debootstrap-farm (was: Automatic building of (parts of) the archive)


At Sat, 05 Mar 2005 19:59:27 +0100,
Frank Küster wrote:
> > Is this documented in the sbuild package, or somewhere else? For a
> > starter, I looked at Andreas Barth's cheat sheet, but there he only
> > mentions manual building of packages, no local queue.
> While I only read it back then, I wanted to actually do the stuff
> described in the cheat sheet.  However, it mentions the command
> "debootstrap-farm".  I can't find anything about it.  What is changed in
> this command, compared to standard debootstrap?

debootstrap-farm is included in unofficial buildd-farm package, on

This command is the wrapper of debootstrap, just does:
#! /bin/bash +e

debootstrap $*

if [ "$1" == "--variant=buildd" ]; then
  echo "adding extra directories"
  install -d $3/var/debbuild/srcdep-lock -o buildd
  install -d $3/build/buildd -m 777
  cp /etc/passwd $3/etc/

I wrote a note on http://kmuto.jp/open.cgi?buildd
This note is not perfect and has funny English :-), but will help you.

(BTW I tried to queue tetex-bin with manual installed tetex-base yesterday, but
it goes strange infinite loop. I'll send a report to BTS later.)

Kenshi Muto

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