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Re: Shouldn't kernel-image-2.6.x-y-z depend on alsa-base ?

[Nikita V. Youshchenko]
> Maybe it's better just not to provide oss drivers for chips supported
> by alsa? AFAIK OSS will be removed from kernel soon...

It may or may not be removed soon - I note that it isn't listed in
Documentation/feature-removal-schedule.txt in kernel 2.6.11 yet.
Anyway, two reasons not to drop OSS prematurely:

One, while almost all OSS hardware is technically supported, by ALSA,
some chips and configurations are supported *better* by OSS than by
ALSA.  Some vice versa.  It would be bad to take away the option to try
"the other driver" in cases where you have problems with the one.

A sub-case of this is that the snd-pcm-oss driver doesn't always
perform to expectations.  Apparently Doom3 doesn't like it, and I've
heard complaints from other people about it as well, though I can't
remember what hardware or applications were involved.

Two, even if ALSA drivers were perfect, upgrading a working
configuration that uses OSS to a kernel that only provides an ALSA
driver for your hardware is just one more avoidable upgrade hurdle.


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