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Re: resources for packaging

In article <[🔎] 44A82549B89FD711BD9B00805FBBF82903AC7F02@pigeon.survival> you wrote:
> I was looking for a more generic approach, I guess.  One that breaks down
> the basic concepts, caveats, concerns, etc.  Looking at it now, I realize
> Free Software and commercial software will have different emphasises, even
> at this level.  

For one Java (especially  J2EE Modules) and traditional package systems do
not mix and match very well. This is mostly due to the fact that you have to
redeploy them on configuration. I dont think the traditional unix packages
help you here.

On the other hand, a good build system (ant or whatever you use) will help
you creatly in packaging your artifacts for any package system you like.

And reading throu the rationales of packaging standards and stuff like LSB
and FHS may help you to obey some basic principles (like speration of
vriable and static data, grouping for hostlocal and shared data and keeping
configurations in a single ocation)


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