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RE: resources for packaging

> I take it from your "exporting our code" statement that your software
> will be Free Software?  (It makes a difference because your packaging
> strategy will be different depending on whether or not the software is
> com
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Sorry, the use of code there was a bit misleading.  Some of it may be Free.
I would imagine that a good portion of it will likely be compiled binaries.
This has not been discussed to a large degree but I can't assume that our
software will be open sourced and/or generously licensed as a whole.  We are
primarily a vertical market commercial software company.  

Looking at the Debian way of doing things will be good because it will give
me a specific example of how one group has solved these problems.  It is
possible that I may have to get involved in packaging software for Debian as
well, such as Tomcat5.

I was looking for a more generic approach, I guess.  One that breaks down
the basic concepts, caveats, concerns, etc.  Looking at it now, I realize
Free Software and commercial software will have different emphasises, even
at this level.  

Still, any recommendations that you guys can make will be greatly helpful.
This is probably off topic but I thought of coming here for help first.
Hopefully that is taken as a compliment.  :-)


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