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Re: resources for packaging

On Wed, 2005-03-02 at 15:19 -0800, Gilbert, Joseph wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I work for a software company that up until now has developed software,
> mostly written in Java, that is deployed inhouse to servers that are
> administering internally.
> We are looking at now exporting our code and making it useful to a wider
> client base.  This obviously will mean that the software packages will have
> to be built as .deb, .rpms, tarballs and whatever else will be needed.  I
> have been told that I will likely be responsible for the packaging, being
> the Unix System Administrator and thus having the most tools and experience
> available to determine the makeup of these packages.
> However, this is entering a realm where I have little knowledge or
> experience.  Does anyone know of good resources for basic data and concepts,
> something like an O'Reilly book on the subject.  Please let me know your
> recomendations.  


You'll of course need Debian Sarge installed on some box or another.

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