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Re: Bug#297629: ITP: gallery2 -- web-based photo album written in PHP

Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> ti, 2005-03-01 kello 16:46 -0500, Michael Schultheiss kirjoitti:
> > Gallery2 (G2) has been redesigned from the ground up and is database
> > driven.  Two years of design and development have gone into G2.  It has
> > customizable themes and layouts using XHTML compliant templates which
> > make it much easier for you to personalize your G2 install.  G2 is
> > modularized and features can be enabled and disabled separately for
> > maximum control.
> Is there any way to let people upgrade to Gallery2 from the original
> Gallery? If so, then we could do without having two packages in the
> archive and our users wouldn't have to have both installed, either.

There are upgrade paths from G1 to G2 but G2 is currently in alpha, soon
to be beta.  I wouldn't want to replace the current G1 package with G2
until G2 goes golden.

Michael Schultheiss
E-mail: schultmc@debian.org

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