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Re: Why are you guys using user space utilities not written by us that seem to not work? Could you change who is the debian maintainer for us?

On Mon, Feb 28, 2005 at 03:22:17PM -0800, Hans Reiser wrote:
> I can volunteer vitaly@namesys.com, the guy who writes our utilities 
> (which work), for the task.
> This is the second time that Ed has broken Reiserfs support in Debian, 
> and each time it breaks Namesys looks bad, because users have no idea it 
> is not us who broke our code.  Thanks to Cliff we now have an idea where 
> some mysterious reports of things breaking have their source. 

Hello Hans, you are concerned with people forking reiserfs and make
Namesys looks bad, so I will assume you are also concerned by people forking
Debian and make it looks bad. 

> From: Clifford Beshers <clifford.beshers@linspireinc.com>
Linspire is a fork of Debian: it is a distribution based on Debian but
with heavy changes.

> >Clifford Beshers wrote:
> >
> >>
> >>We recently rewrote our installer to use a custom program that can 
> >>stream a compressed iso9660 image file and unpack it to disk.  
> >>Previously it used rsync.  Everything seemed to be fine, but when we 
> >>started running it on many machines, we started encountering errors 
> >>like the ones shown below, the output of dmesg.

So Linspire is building its own installer that use the Debian package of 
qtparted which is not part of stable nor testing and is marked as 
critically buggy which is the highest level of bugginess we have. See
<http://packages.debian.org/qtparted> and <http://bugs.debian.org/qtparted>.

progsreseirfs itself is not part of stable nor testing and is marked as
gravely buggy: <http://packages.debian.org/progsreiserfs> and

So if Linspire want to shoot themselves in the foot by using these
packages, it is their choice but that should not make Debian, Ed Boraas
and Jose Luis Tallon look bad.

Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>

Imagine a large red swirl here. 

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