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Re: Debian "Sarge" Support

Can you folks at Debian tell me whether we are supported in Sarge?



Ben Pont wrote:

I am preparing to install Debian "Sarge" on my
computer and am debating whether to partition
Reiser4 or Ext3.

I know Lindows supports Reiser4, Lindows being
Debian based, but do you know if Sarge explicitly
supports your format?  Since Debian is a pain in
the ass to install in the first place, I'd really
like to get things right the first time and not
have to repartition / reinstall if I discover
Reiser4 isn't supported by Debian.

Yes, I have tried getting answers from the Debian
folks directly, but have gotten mixed messages. Any info from your side would be greatly
appreciated.  Thanks.


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