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Re: [SoftwareSuspend-devel] 2.1-final for

> > SElinux is not supported by debian. the grsecurity situation isn't
> > much different. 
> For SELinux. the kernel has the code; the archive has the user-space
> tools.

Believe me, I'm running SELinux on a couple of sarge boxes. Debian
SELinux support is incomplete. You need a patched init, for example.
rjc has a separate repository for these.
You don't want a libselinux dependency from sysvinit for mainstream in
Debian was the reasoning. So no way to run SElinux with 100% sarge.
And you better take the rules from CVS, too.

> I don't see how this is any different to what I propose with
> swsusp2. I will package it. If you oppose to have this patch in
> stable, please discuss it on debian-devel.

[Added CC: to debian-devel]

Yes. I claim that it doesn't make any sense to have software-suspend2
patches in Debian stable, because of all the driver issues remaining
I've been running swsusp2 for a long time now, and I'm sponsoring the
hibernate script debian packages. Believe me, I have considered doing
a patch package.

> > It requires the USB modules to be unloaded before suspend. This
> > implies you must not compile them statically into the kernel.
> > Similar things apply to other drivers.
> I see no problem with this on Debian kernels, which are modular.

The patch will not be included in Debian kernels, but will be used by
the user to build his own kernel. Which will likely be not pure
modular, but maybe just break swsusp.

> As soon as Pavel merges swsusp2 into 2.6 ...

Which will not be in

> > But those who build their own kernel will either go for a more
> > recent kernel, or will likely change some options and end up with
> > a non-working suspend due to driver problems. and this will
> > reflect back badly on both debian and swsusp2.
> Debian assumes that those who compile their own kernels know what
> they are doing. I don't see a point in trying to nanny them and
> prevent them from screwing up their systems. There are plenty of
> other ways to do so too.

Heck, just let them get a recent kernel and be much better off!
Put the kernel and the swsusp patch into "volatile".

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