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Re: Bug#297218: ITP: radeontool -- utility to control ATI Radeon backlight functions on laptops

Il giorno lun, 28-02-2005 alle 10:15 +0100, Bas Zoetekouw ha scritto:
> Any chance you could make it suid safe and executable bij users in the
> video group?

It would be difficult, radeontool need write access to /dev/mem, which
on my 'sid' is 

   crw-r-----  1 root kmem 

so only root can change that. I could do a SETUID binary executable only
by root and video group, but I'm not sure we could trust it.

And, btw, you can do it yourself with dpkg-statoverride.

> And maybe you could add support for setting the compaq m300/m500
> backlight luminosity (although I'm not sure if that is Compaq specific or genral
> for radeon), as implemented in the m300bl[1] program?
> [1] http://wwwbode.cs.tum.edu/~acher/m300/

This is not related, since it's an utility that control the backlight
level via the on-board SuperIO chip, while radeontool uses the internal
controls to switch the backlight on and off.


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