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Re: Bug#292539: xdslusb: please update to the latest upstream version

On Jan 27, Filippo Giunchedi <filippo@esaurito.net> wrote:

> upstream released a new version on 04-08-2004, with that version I've
> been able to make a michelangelo usb-A work. with 20031029 amload gave
> a timeout error.
I will probably not do any further work on this package, because the new
cxacru driver will be merged in 2.6.11 or 2.6.12 and does not need user
space components. So far, the plan is to have the package removed from
the distribution after sarge will be released.
If anybody cares about this package feel free to discuss a NMU with me.

The same applies to the speedtouch package (the kernel space driver has
already been merged by Linus, is not (yet?) in a sarge kernel package.

(Yes, I obviously think that 2.4 users should move on.)


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