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Re: The ghost of libc-dev

Scripsit Joel Aelwyn <fenton@debian.org>

> The reason given in the origional thread was that these Depends are not
> solely for building Debian packages (when Build-Essential is reasonable to
> expect), but for "I need to compile $userspace package", which does *not*
> require B-E be installed, according to current policy.

But can one get a C compiler at all (at least a Debian-supplied one)
without also pulling in an appropriate libc-dev? I would think
that "I need to compile $userspace package" *did* require at least a
compiler to be installed, regardless of policy.

Libc6-dev does *recommend* c-compiler, but that does not help with
"I need to compile $userspace package" if $userspace package does not
happen to require any third-party libraries.

Henning Makholm            "My fate? Servitude to the Embodiment of Whoops."

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