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Bug#295122: RFA: iproute -- Professional tools to control the networking in Linux kernels

Package: wnpp


anyone who wants to work on iproute is greatly welcome, perhaps also as
co-maintainer (and I'm also willing to sponsor people). The reason I 
intend to give the package away is that I'm not really the great
networking guy, but I'll try to give the package a warm home till I can
pass it over to someone else -- and as iproute is quite vital for
some purposes, I'll do some checks before giving the package away. It is
_not_ orphaned, I'm "only" looking for somebody else for maintaining.

The description is:
 This is `iproute', the professional set of tools to control the
 networking behavior in kernels 2.2.x and later.
 At least, the options CONFIG_NETLINK and CONFIG_NETLINK_DEV (or
 CONFIG_RTNETLINK) must be compiled into the running kernel.
 This package is also known as iproute2 upstream and in some

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