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Re: Font problem - Nimbus Sans L

Jack Dodds wrote:
Thanks for pointing me at bug 243329, Josselin. Now I know that a) I am not alone; b) where to file this. And perhaps another user searching the debian lists for the same problem will benefit, so a reply to the newsgroup is be good thing.

Could you please post additional information to the bug report? Especially about how you see this bug on woody.

As for the mail server at aci.on.ca - they have a lot of anti-spam measures in effect. Probably your ISP is on their blacklist because another user at your ISP is infected with a bot which is spamming through your ISP's mailserver; or because your mailserver allows forwarding.

I'm not using my ISP's mail server, and I am the sole user of this server for outgoing mail. Please fix this.
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