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Re: Font problem - Nimbus Sans L

Josselin Mouette wrote:
(Also note that Mr Dodds' mail server is on crack and refused mail from my SMTP for a mysterious reason; that's why you didn't receive my reply in private.)

Thanks for pointing me at bug 243329, Josselin. Now I know that a) I am not alone; b) where to file this. And perhaps another user searching the debian lists for the same problem will benefit, so a reply to the newsgroup is be good thing.

As for the mail server at aci.on.ca - they have a lot of anti-spam measures in effect. Probably your ISP is on their blacklist because another user at your ISP is infected with a bot which is spamming through your ISP's mailserver; or because your mailserver allows forwarding.

In my email account at work (another ISP) I get about 200 spams per day. My personal account at aci.on.ca gets one or two. It's a mixed blessing because sometimes good emails do get bounced. On the whole I support aci.on.ca's efforts. The other ISP's just don't seem to care about spam. If more did, we wouldn't have a spam epidemic.

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