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Re: Bug#294084: ITP: life -- Linux Instrumentation for Enterprise - a set of WBEM management providers from Novell

On Tue, Feb 08, 2005 at 06:28:49PM +1300, Nick Phillips wrote:
> When I hear "life" in the context of computers, I automatically think of
> Conway's version... and so I'm sure do many many other people.
> Bad choice of name by upstream I think. Not sure that there's anything
> useful you can do about it though.

Call it cim-life, or wbem-life, or novell-life, or life-wbem, or something,
then.  (The description was of the buzzword variety--if you don't already
know what CIM or WBEM mean, the description doesn't tell you anything--so
I don't know which is most appropriate.)

I'd hope it wouldn't be called "life", though.

Glenn Maynard

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