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Re: Bug#294084: ITP: life -- Linux Instrumentation for Enterprise - a set of WBEM management providers from Novell


To answer all questions I've got:
- License: BSD, some parts (MOFs) under CPL (sorry for overlooking
- 'life' name is quite unfortunate - agreed, don't know how to handle
- dead web page (no lists, no docs etc.) - agreed, I can also add:
broken upstream build system/versioning/dependencies, all CIM schema
under 'Novell' namespace - a bit messy for Debian purposes, OpenWBEM
specific interfaces (not portable, won't run on Pegasus, for example),
many missing pieces (software inventory functionality for example);
propably a better way would be adopting this code and developing more
Debian-friendly set of CIM providers, my fault for premature ITPing this

The code itself seems to be fairly stable (at least compared with
sblim-* from IBM) and is distributed along with OpenWBEM as a part of
SuSE distribution.

This package is intended as a part of a bigger effort of integrating
WBEM functionality in Debian. Preliminary versions of packages (a proof
of concept rather than a candidate to include into Debian) are ready,
but many pieces are still missing. I'll post some announcement onto
debian-mentor soon.

You can grab packages from: http://www.pronet.pl/~rlewczuk
OpenWBEM, some sblim-* and life providers/tools are available. 


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