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Re: Debug packages cluttering the archive

Le samedi 05 février 2005 à 22:33 -0700, Joel Aelwyn a écrit :
> It was brought up on IRC, a couple of weeks ago (my apologies, but I don't
> recall who brought it up, nor do I have a log) that it is now possible
> to strip debugging information from a binary or library, and keep the
> debugging information in a separate file.

> Switching dh_strip to use this would provide a number of benefits:

This is already the case.

> 2) Even if only applied to -dbg packages, it would make -dbg packages
> significantly smaller (only needing the debug symbols file, not a complete
> secondary copy of the library).

Significantly smaller, but not enough. See for example a library using
Package: libfontconfig1
Installed-Size: 192
Size: 89824

Package: libfontconfig1-dbg
Installed-Size: 517
Size: 158768

I wouldn't say it can be included in the library package as is. And
doing it for all libraries would still clutter the archive.

> 3) Allows you to generate a -dbg package without doing a second build-run
> over the libraries or having to do strange convolutions to package both
> stripped and unstripped libraries without duplicating the build.
> 4) Allows you to use debugging on any library without having to restart
> the application with a suitable LD_LIBRARY_PATH (nor does it run afoul of
> things that muck with library search paths or don't permit the environment
> to override it for security reasons).

This brings a lot of benefits, and that's why dh_strip now supports it,
but I'm afraid this is irrelevant to the issue I'm talking about.
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