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Debug packages cluttering the archive

With the increasing numbers of libraries, especially libraries in
development, we have an increasing number of -dbg packages in the
archive. As they are useful only for debugging, and not for the average
user, I think they are mostly cluttering the Packages file and mirror

Practically speaking, there is a very small chance, when you find a bug
in a library, that the -dbg package is available. This is worse if the
bug is in a binary and not a library; you often end up rebuilding a
debugging version of the package for the submitting user. In fact, the
availability of a -dbg version could be useful for every
architecture-dependent package.

The most obvious solution I can come up for this issue is to build a
separate tree with DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="noopt nostrip", at least for i386.
That means having a dedicated machine that would be used to run a buildd
for that. Unfortunately, I don't have such a machine, and I don't know
of an available i386 project machine.

Are there some people here who'd be interested, or who could point me to
available resources? If not, do you have other ideas to make debugging
packages easily available?
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