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DD needing a sponsor to upload


As I moved recently, I currently have no decent Internet connectivity. 
Hence, I'm quite unable to keep an unstable system up-to-date, si I 
can't build packages to upload. Several packages of mine are in need of 
an upload, especially libcdio and vcdimager. I have uploaded the source 
packages to my debian homepage on http://people.debian.org/~nboullis. 
Could someone please build the binary packages and upload for me?
(As far as I know source-only uploads are not allowed, and anyway, I 
can't be sure it'll work fine with an up-to-date sid; I only tested with 
a one month old sarge.)

Thanks in advance,

Nicolas Boullis

PS: please CC your replies to me (MFT set accordingly) as I currently 
can't track d-d.

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