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Re: Bad Sig (was: Re: Diversion of APT tools by dpkg-cross (apt-get,apt-cache,apt-config))

* Wouter Verhelst [Wed, 02 Feb 2005 14:15:35 +0100]:
> Op wo, 02-02-2005 te 13:53 +0100, schreef Bas Zoetekouw:
> > Hi David!
> > > Me too, but I noticed an escaped >From in the message and didn't investigate 
> > > further.

> > AFAIK, gpg signs the body only.

> Yes, but a leading 'From' on a line will be escaped to '>From' in
> transit. This is because some software will otherwise interpret the
> leading from to be the start of a new message (it's a bit too close to
> the mbox format start)

  /me hugs mutt's $encode_from.

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