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Re: Bug#293167: ITP: request-tracker3.4 -- Extensible trouble-ticket tracking system

Le Mer 2 Février 2005 14:38, Florian Weimer a écrit :
> As Andrew noted, we already do similar things for library packages.
> There's a growing trend to provide different version which can be
> installed in parallel for other infrastructure packages, too (IIRC,
> PostgreSQL is heading in this direction, too).
> As a user, I think this is very convenient.  The ability to switch
> back to a known-to-work version by tweaking a few configuration files
> is reassuring, even if you've tested the new software version on an
> indepedent machine.

sure, having two different versions can be great.

though, I expect most of RT users to want having smooth upgrades from 
any stabke version of RT to the new one. and that's true for pgsql, 
mysql, or any app that live in debian.

The two point of view have advantages. but there is a problem in having 
a lot of different versions : you have to maintain each of them, even 
wrt security and stuff like that.

and expect most of the users to be confused by all thoses packages that 
look like beeing the same, but are not
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