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Re: Bug#293055: ITP: rails -- MCV ruby based framework geared for web application development

David Nusinow wrote:

>I worked on a package for this throughout the weekend, and while it's not done
>I've made some considerable progress on it. If you'd like help or a
>comaintainer, let me know.

For the package, I essentially want to take rails and stuff it (minus
the non-software stuff in upstream tarball) in /usr/share/rails/ with a
deployment script in /usr/bin. Then you'll be able to type `rails
my_app` and empty rails framework would deploy to `pwd`/my_app.

The /usr/bin/rails script will also have a -P,--production switch that
will deploy the framework for production environment (ie. no docs or
unneeded parts of the framework).

I will be using rails next week so the package will be ready by end of
the weekend.

What does your package look like? Do you have a place where I can
download it?

- Adam

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